The Academy

by Auburn Justice

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Academy definition:

A Society or institution of distinguished scholars, artists, or scientists, that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field.


As a double major honors student in political science and economics, DeAngelo (Auburn Justice) was inspired studying Socrates in and outside of the classroom. He found it interesting that in "The Death Of Socrates" depicted in the album work that no one in Greek Society, not the government, not the wealthy or the poor, educated or ignorant wanted Socrates to die. During that time period of ancient Greek civilization, Socrates along with many other intellectuals, peers, and pupils, were challenging and questioning life's purpose, human existence, authority, tradition, politics, religion and every societal norm surrounding the status quo. The government, although reluctant, used Socrates as scapegoat and excuse for the war and economic downfall of their society. When one falls, one hundred more stand in their place. As such, Plato and Aristotle were his successors. Them along with many more, picked up where Socrates left off.

They believed that it was not politics or religion, but people and truth that move history society forward. As such, "The Academy" is inspired by people, life's meaning and purpose.


Auburn Justice regularly studied the works of Socrates, Aristotle, and Socrates over the past decade or so, absorbing theories and ideas in addition to drafting a modernist memoire based on his findings, observations and insights. As a natural born critical thinker, and a former government employee, Auburn Justice (DeAngelo) has mastered the process analyzing diverse groups people in American society. 

As a decorated young man who reads philosophy for leasure, it is no wonder Auburn Justice possesses such an expansive vocabulary and wide ranging subject matter.

With dynamic flow patterns that keep the listener guessing at every swing, Auburn Justice is sure to introduce us to something beautiful, unique, and timeless.


"If it wasn't for questioning myself and others I would stay the same. I never want to stay the same, I don't want to be predictable, life isn't predictable and people aren't either. We can give everything we have to something and have it stripped away in a second. I've found that every day we have a decision to make. That decision is to either to complain or change  until we are surrounded by what we want, who we love, and what we enjoy most. It's easy to resign, its much harder to push past that threshold of likeliness and give up than it is to continue; that's not fear or cowardice, that's fight and strength. Enjoy things, value people. Love never fails. I don't think about the pay off, I do it because I have to or i'd go out of my mind."

-Auburn Justice (D.J.L.H.)

Thank you to Juan Juarez for inspiring me to release what I've written over the years. If it was not for you, I would have died a spiritual death for certain.

Thank you to M.A.L.O., CeeJ, Sattisfy, Swisha, Scott Swush and the 949 family for being the force that drives me to push myself past limits every day without sleep.

I love you all. Never Lose Hope, Never Stop Writing. Rest in peace to the most beautiful human being I ever knew, My Uncle Pedro Martinez, I think about every day tio. Te amo mucho.

This album is for you all of those in my corner who believe in something bigger and motivate me to accomplish something that many may deem impossible.